baguio: the aftermath

Friday, November 04, 2005

/madaming bagahe/photo-finish arrivals/camwhores/home-cooked lunches and dinners/strawbery wine/tal/PBB (Pinoy Buhay Baboy)/MP+coke/stupid, engot, tanga and bobo game/bonding session/rice disasters/walang tubig!/hazelnut coffee/tissue/smoking lessons/garfield/taxi rides/jacq's salon/clean comfort room series/chubby chicken/FUN/

check out the pics

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  1. Where's my white chocoflakes, baby? :(

  2. LARRYYYY!!!
    shet nahomesick lalo ako sa mga pics nyo sa baguio!!! waaah! sayang if i was back home we could've met up & gotten drunk sa may mansion! hahaha remember those days??
    nga pala - who's that dude with the studded ear? ang cute!
    baket ba ampayat mo, ha?

  3. hahaha course i remember! those were one of the best times of my life! sayang nga wala ka. it would have made my baguio trip more fun. baka bumalik ako ng december po. haha. with my mom and siblings naman.

    si jair yun, ang aking officemate na krung-krung LOL

    miss na kita mama jaki!

  4. argh! kung kelan ako di uuwi ng december dun ka akyat.. waaah... bad trip ang meningo na yun kung baket ka di umakyat!!!

    i plan to go home on march for a month or so - hope we could meet then & do all the catching up we should've done last year ;)


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