Thursday, August 11, 2005

my baby sister, kaye, got her bag snatched last night on the way to work.

she works in a call center in makati, and her shift starts at 9:30pm. she was on the way to monumento to ride the bus. now, before you get there, you hafta pass by a seedy part of malabon.. lotsa squatters, and the lamposts have no light. (imagine that. even i'm scared ta pass there in the dead of the night.) she was seated at the end of the jeepney near the estribo, bag in her lap. me nakita daw shang sumabit and next thing she knew, that scoundrel was pulling her bag free. she was almost dragged out of the speeding jeep; what with the bag strap coiled in her hand. the bag contained her important stuff: company ID, her ATM card, her cellphone and her wallet, which thankfully contained only 900 bucks. she got hold of authorities and filed a report, and the chief took her home where she immediately told nanay what happened.

i was playing billiards at the time, and she passed by the place and called me outside. "kuya... na-snatch bag ko.. andun lahat...", she began, with that sad look on her face. i wanted ta hug her then and there. i mean, i know i'm not the best kuya out there, but i damn try to look out for her and those i love. when she told me what happened i wanted to go to that place where her bag got lost and find the sonuvabitch who did it, and break both his fucking arms. i don't want to see the people i care about terrified or sad. she told me she had the house key in that bag, as well as an address of our house in her ID. now it's a long shot, but i sure hope he tries to rob our place. imma be there waiting for him, and i'll show him just how painful payback can be.

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  1. this is sad. we should be more careful next time. give karen a hug for me.


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