2 weird nights

Wednesday, August 03, 2005

it was time again for SM's 3 day sale, so me, gj, kitty and jair stormed to the mall to look for stuff to buy last saturday. the place was packed, and we could hardly move, let alone look at the merchandise. eventually we got lucky. kitty got some neat shirts from am boulevard (late birthday gifts from me), gj and jair got some artworx shirts, and i got a magazine and a plain shirt. (lame-o! oh, and the shirt? TOO SMALL!) after that, kitty asked us if we wanted to go out. being that it was a saturday night and we din't have anything better to do, we all agreed. we went to timog and ate at this place (i forgot the name.) which served awesome longganisang lucbans. after filling up, we proceeded to off the grill. jair told us his friend would be performing later. we sat down, ordered our drinks, and waited. a while later, jair spotted his friend and asked her to come over. "friend" turned out to be pau, a lesbian who wears hiphop attire. she had on an oversized polo shirt, loose pants, and a nike cap. a wristband was sticking out of her left arm. intros were made, and afterwards she drifted off to join the band. i heard the inro for the first song.. then i noticed jair smiling at me. he gestured for me to listen. what i heard next almost floored me. a smooth, sexy, powerful voice sang the first lines to tamia's "officially missing you". it was so good! i turned to look at the stage, and what i saw was doubly surprising than the sweet voice that caught my attention; it was pau! jair's friend. jair's lesbian friend! singing! THAT VOICE? HERS. wow! kitty and gj were just as dumbstruck as i am! she and the band (whom i also forgot the name of) were really good. they had hiphop/R&B influences, without the showband tendencies. and they were doin' it acoustic! after 2 sets we were calling it a night. gj slept over at jair's, and i took kitty home. =]

sunday, perry and i decided to meet up and have his pants altered. (in keeping up with the current "reinventing perry" story.) we decided to text krsna and have him meet up with us to play billiards, seeing as he's been makult about it for the past couple weeks. i was on my way out when krsna texted me. "pare kasama ko si yap". now yap and perry, they have history. i din't know how things would turn out, so i texted perry and told him what krsna said. turns out, we din't have anything to worry about. the four of us met up, and it felt like nothing had changed. we kidding around and talking like the old friends we were; it was so enjoyable that i asked them if they wanted ta drink some beer at my place. they agreed. michael and gj joined us, and pretty soon we were downing the last of our first case of colt 45.

that's when the shit hit the fan.

krsna started talking nonsense (well, most of the time he IS like that, drunk or not) and started picking on kel, who was lying down on the bench. perry was seated beside him, and naturally defended him against krsna's ice-throwing. pretty soon they were arguing already, voices raised. krsna got pissed and left, leaving us in shock. he always was like this when we drank. he would curse us and say things like "sasapakin kita", but this was the first time he did something like this. yap then proceeded to do a monologue which irked gj, causing him to leave. we decided to pack it up afterwards.

what the fuck happened? for a moment i was thinking all was well.. it felt really good to be with the friends who i grew up with. who were there for me during the hard times. has things changed so much between us that we don't even recognize ourselves anymore? now things are more awkward then they've ever been. it's kinda stupid when you think about it.

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  1. been there... done that...! come to think of it... parang jan din nangyari yun! hahaha! :P peace out bro!


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