Mr. A-Z

Sunday, July 31, 2005

(tried the new blogspot upload picture feature, that's why the layout is this way. cool!)

hahaha! i finally managed to snag a copy of jason mraz's latest album, entitled "Mr. A-Z". (i downloaded it from a site; i only have the whole album in mp3 format.) i haven't had the chance to really listen to it yet, but what i've heard so far is pretty awesome. the first single, "wordplay", is vintage jason. there are 12 songs all in all, and the songs seem to be more electric guitar-driven (kinda like the path taken by another string maestro, john mayer in his 2nd album.), though the "senti" songs that are littered in his 1st and 2nd albums are still present here. all in all, a great follow-up to the less-than good live album. mraz fans will not be disappointed. =]

also, check out the video for "wordplay" it's pretty funny, albeit morbidly so. it features jason singing in a mini hill, while passing people stop to throw rocks at him. the vid ends with him all bloodied, cut and bruised. weird, but hella funny. =]

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