the weekend

Tuesday, July 12, 2005

spent another lazy weekend at home. i was able ta play badminton saturday afternoon though. as useless, pagod na naman. jeez. i gotta play more often. after we played, minnie insisted we eat isaw. haha. i ate tons of chicken isaw and tenga. *burp* wala din yung nilaro ko! haha. =] i got home around 7:30-ish, and after a super-light dinner of tinapa and eggplant, i fell asleep. i din't even get a chance to take a bath. ugh.

i woke up sunday to find kei's text on my cell. apparently, she had an argument with her bf. seems he had a night out with some friends, but kei wanted him ta go home early. see the conflict? personally, i think she overrreacted a bit, but hey, who am i to say that right? besides, the bf got angry daw, which i think was unnecessary. in her words, "making somebody wait for you, just because you're having fun, is not right". she told me she cooled it off with him for the time being. see what having no life whatsoever will do to someone? haha. i reckon there are much more important things to worry about than other people's social connections, but kei's a great friend. i told her to talk it over with the bf, and just compromise. sounds simple, right? how i wish it were that easy.

it's monday morning, and i just finished doing rough drafts for abby's org. it has "amazing race" as it's theme. check it out. this is a 36x72 tarp. pretty neat, huh?

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