drunken stupor

Wednesday, July 13, 2005

i am never, EVER gonna drink on a weeknight again.

last night, we had another drinking session here at the office. pasimuno na naman si JR, of course. we had agreed that we would just down a single gran matador. pfft. fat chance of that happening. we not only drank the matador, we also got rid of the GSM blue (the matador and blue were from bellie) and 5 botttles of gin. e hello? 7 lang kaming umiinom! we drank at the pantry like we used ta do, sabay videoke. i din't notice na madami na pala ko nainom. by 8:30 i was roaring drunk. last thing i remember was sitting down on a bench, trying to clear my head. next thing i know, i was lying down on the long bench, my bag and shirt stuck under my head as a pillow. it was dark, and there wasn't a soul in sight. i looked at my cellphone, which was luckily still intact considering that it had been in my left pant pocket, the same side which i was lying down on. 5 fuckin' AM. great. i hurriedly went to the bathroom, splashed some water on my face, and put my shirt on. i was gathering my things when our guard came through the door. "uwi na kayo sir? nauna na sila e, sabi nga nandito daw kayo." i just nodded and mumbled something about faling asleep, and followed him out of the pantry. i took a cab home, and proceeded straight to my room, barely managing to peel off my clothes before i plopped down on my bed. i woke up around 10:30, still feeling a bit dizzy. dapat halfday ako, right? incorrect. i took my sweet time eating, taking a bath, getting ready that by the time i left, it was already 12:15, and i had to be there by 12:45 to avoid being absent. pagdating ko pa sa monumento, wow, umuulan. i took a cab yet again, and arrived at the office 1:18. nice. sabi ko sa guard, i'll hafta ask the HR kung magta-time in pa ko, seeing as office policy dictates that i was already absent for the day. i was walking to the door, and i had to pass cars, kasi garahe yung fron ng office namin e. i made a sharp left after passing miss v's car, then WHAM! my knee hit her car's plate number, which was protruding like an adolescent geek's pimple. ouch. what's more, the metal plate tore a hole right through my jeans. yup. really great day this has been. i wonder, what else could possibly go wrong?

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