common sense

Sunday, July 10, 2005

yesterday i was going home from work. i boarded a muñoz-bound jeepney, which i normally do to get to EDSA. i sat on the seat directly behind the driver, and off we went. at the first stoplight we encountered, the driver bought a cigarette from one of the numerous "takatak" boys in the area. the light changed, and we were off again. after a few minutes, the driver slowed down, preparing to make a right. i thought he was just dropping a passenger off. to my surprise, he veered towards a friggin' gas station, the yosi still lit! i had half a mind to reach out and snuff it as he pulled up beside a gas pump. what's more, jeepneys usually have their gas tanks BESIDE the driver's seat, right? he was holding his cig directly ABOVE the open tank, ash dangling dangerously from the tip, while he talked animatedly to his "co-pilot". i wanted to slap him silly. i sighed with relief as the attendant replaced the cap and the driver got on the road again, unaware that he put 16 persons in danger because of his recklesness.

am i overreacting? i think not. i think myself as a fairly rational being. where has common sense gone? or does everybody have a death wish nowadays?

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