Friday, July 22, 2005

i finished harry potter! damn. that book was good. kalungkot nga lang. (no details why; i don't wanna spoil it for those who haven't read it yet.)

...got a raket. somebody from mabuhay magazine contacted me through myspace and asked me to do some logo and shirt designs.. kinda like an island souvenirs type look, but not so much bakya. cebu saka boracay daw yung main subjects, 20 word designs, 20 illustrated designs and 20 photographic ones. i asked for 50K initially, seeing as it was a lot of work, but they said it was too high. so then she told me if i could do 30. i told her yeah, i guess.. tapos nabago na nang nabago hanggang ngayon, 15 na lang for the designs, no more logo. galing ko makipag-negotiate no? tae. si kitty tuloy na nagbigay na ng designs, and mac who was supposed to do the illustrations, e di ko malaman kung pano ko bibigyan. with kitty naman walang prob, kasi she told me na me iba din shang raket.. pero kahit na. she gave me studies na for the logo. treat ko na lang sha siguro. ang gulo din kasi kausap nitong mga taong to. if i din't need the money, i would have let the project go. grr.

...i woke up around 4:30 in the morning earlier. weird. anyways, i couldn't sleep anymore, so i just went down and saw my sister watching TV. we talked for a bit while we watched darkness falls. she even gave me a piece of ferrero before i left. awwww! hahahahaha.

...kei and me are okay again after that whole miscommunication fiasco. we're back to our normal, talkative selves, which is good.. haha.

... i already posted new pics on my multiply account. click my link on the upper right corner of this blog. =]

so there. i hafta go. i still hafta get my underpaid ass to finish the raket. bah-humbug.

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