my weekend sucked, big time

Wednesday, July 27, 2005

...KIDDING! haha. it din't. wala lang. =]

...met up with LENA thursday night. damn. she was prettier in person. gave her the files for the raket, and she gave me a check for 7500. yay! i then met up with bien, pao and gretch. we hung out in starbucks for a bit, then proceeded to sidebar to drink. yeah, i know, baligtad na naman. =]

i woke up the following day wanting to encash the check. i hadda go to prestige tower pa in ortigas. blah. i proceeded to the office afterwards, tapos we went store checking. i saw this shirt in people are people, and i had to buy it!

Image hosted by

we got back at the office efore 5:30. jair, hanna, me and herb then went to pier one to meet up with jaq and dj. aliw tong si jair talaga e. ang kulet. haha. we drank, ate, laughed, and laughed some more. kabbie and kel followed (kaso paalis na kami ng pier.. losers!) so we went to nearby starbucks na lang.

saturday was pretty much a lazy day for me. i went to work, went home, and slept. that night, gj and mac and me wwere at home, downing bottle after bottle of san mig light while playing the playstation. ryan and jv came a few hours later. =]

sunday was cram day. i was supposed ta meet up again with lena at night, so i had to do more designs, seeing as i had 10 pa lang. e kaso i wasn't feeling well. i tried telling lena na move na lang, kaso she couldn't seem to take a hint. blah. so at 4:30pm, i was at kitty's already, frantically trying to finish some more. at 7:30pm, lena texted na she couldn't come na. YAY! kitty and i just watched van wilder (one of my fave films) the rest of the night. haha. all's well that ends well. =]

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