Wednesday, July 20, 2005

tita maya's birthday last night was fun! haha! perry, gj, kel and me were there, along with kitty and kab of course. we ate yellow cab pizza, a super pansit na masarap, and fresh lumpia. kitty bought chocolate mousse pa.. damn. i haven't pigged out like that since forever! haha. we played this game where you name a celebrity, and the next player names another celeb who was with him/her in a movie. it was fun, although me and kabbie ended up giving really obvious clues. pfft. we played stupid game afterwards. lol

you know, the more i get to see of kitty, the more i miss her.. she's just this sweet sweet person. i miss her fussing over me.. i miss taking care of her.. but this isn't the time. heck i don't even KNOW if there will be a time. i'm just not sure. a lot of things are happening, and i daresay i enjoy my newfound "freedom". i can go home agad after work.. i can go wherever i want.. i can talk and meet up with whoever i want.. but, this "freedom" isn't all about just that. it's not about hooking up with other people.. it's examining yourself and finding out new things about you. i happen to like the way i am right now. i can't say i'm extremely happy though. it's just a different feeling.. i feel more calm somehow. i guess we'll have to see where this leads. and for the record? i'm pretty much excited about the ride. =]

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  1. wanderlust junkieJuly 19, 2005 at 12:10 PM

    pakigreet kay tita maya happy bday for me!! :-)


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