Sketches and Stuff: Iron Man Mark XLII

Monday, May 20, 2013

Iron Man 3 is the biggest superhero movie of 2013 so far, and I thought I'd do my own version of the main armor used in the film, the Mark XLII. I had a little bit of trouble drawing this one, mainly because I'm not used to doing armor and the like. Also the reason why I had to take some creative liberties in my rendition. This isn't a perfect copy, but it's the closest I could get.

This piece is the same one I did a few weeks back, but I tweaked some details a bit and added some textures. I wanted to draw the full armor but I'm too lazy thinking of making this into a shirt for Paper Toss Designs and I think it'll look better if I left some parts of Iron Man out. Makes sense, huh?

Artwork done with Photoshop using the Pen Tool and basic shapes. Textures from Google.

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