Casting Call: Doctor Who

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Last night, I chanced upon news of David Yates and his plans to do a Doctor Who movie. It excited (or bothered, I can't really tell) me so much, that I ended up dreaming about it. All I can remember is that Rob Schneider was playing the part of The Doctor, and that Amber Heard and Megan Fox were in it too. Crazy, right? I  mean, Schneider? SERIOUSLY?

That got me thinking though. If it were up to me, who would I cast as The Doctor? Who'd be charming and quirky enough to help introduce the hit British TV series into mainstream consciousness? I came up with five answers.

Ryan Gosling (Crazy, Stupid Love, Drive)
He's America's current sweetheart. Cast him plus some charming leading lady/companion, and this movie's bound to attract the moviegoing public.

Chris Hemsworth (Thor, Star Trek)
Same with Ryan, although I think ol' Chris here would attract a larger crowd *cough* COUGARS AND GAY MEN *cough*

James McAvoy (X-Men: First Class)
McAvoy seems to be a good choice for the role, to be quite honest. He's got the accent for it, too!

MUDDAFUCKIN' SAMUEL L. JACKSON YO (Muddafuckin' Snakes on A Plane)
Do I even need to explain why he'd be an awesome casting choice? I mean come on, he's MUDDAFUCKIN' SAMUEL L. JACKSON YO.

Amber HeardNNGGGGG (Drive Angry, The Rum Diary, My Fantasies)
The idea for a female doctor has been floating around for quite some time. If you really want to do a soft reboot, why not cast a woman for the role? My choice? My Favorite Lesbian Amber Heard, of course. No specific or logical reason, really. I just really like her. Also, she was in my dream anyway so what the hey.

Seriously though, I hope they don't fuck this up. I'm not entirely convinced that going off-canon is a good move, but I'm kind of interested where Yates will take the franchise. Just please, consult with Davies or Moffat first before doing something crazy, okay?

How about it, people? Who would you like to see on the big screen as The Doctor?

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  2. Ryan Gosling, James Mcavoy and Amber Heard as doctors from different realities, and then they do a threesome.

  3. Oooh. Interesting. Off-canon movie? IDK how I feel about this. Let's hope and pray they don't murder this awesome series.

  4. +1 for McAvoy, just because I have a crush on the guy. :p Gosling is my next choice.

  5. Change cast every thirty minutes.

  6. Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus... only better. I like it! *slow clap*



  8. I was gonna go with James McAvoy, but then that picture of Amber Heard finished loading. Ahem. :)

  9. Me, the first female doctor. Too bad I'm too young...


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