Yay Toys!

Thursday, November 25, 2010

As most of you probably don’t know, I am somewhat of a toy collector. This year, I was fortunate enough to snag me a 6” inch Iron Man from the Iron Man 2 movie line toy series. Unfortunately, I was unable to get the other two I wanted: the Iron Man Mark V armor (the one that turns into a suitcase) and the awesome but rare-as-a-fucking-unicorn War Machine figure. Earlier today, my half-sister (who lives in NY and whom I bugged months ago to try and look for said toys, too) Tweeted me about seeing a ton of Iron Man toys in a mall she was currently in, with pictures to boot. I instantly went “Jackpot!” in my mind.

Wait, these weigh far less then a ton! She lied!
I Tweeted her back, telling her to get the other two figures I was missing:

Sadly, when I showed these pics to my toy geek friend, Bim of Comicology, he told me that these were actually the 3.75” ones. Bummer, but I’m not complaining. Now all I need is the 3.75” “plain” Iron Man figure and I’ll have the set I want, albeit on a smaller scale! The sister already left the store so she said she’ll come back next week to snag the third one. Awesome.

Meanwhile, the hunt for the two 6” figures continue.

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