The Procrastinator Gets Inked, Part Three!

Tuesday, July 06, 2010

So about a month ago, I was looking for fonts to use on my 3rd tattoo. The plan was to have the names of my grandparents (4 of them) inked on my arm. I posted an image of several options online, then asked people to choose and comment on them (Yes, I am self-important like that. Shut up). It was a good move, and pretty soon one of my friends Mary Joy Manalastas, friend extraordinaire and ruler of all that is pure and good, replied and demanded suggested something interesting:
........ why don't you ask each of the people named to write their own names???? then put them together. much more personalized and meaningful AND DOESNT LOOK LIKE A DOWNLOADED FONT!!!
She made an interesting argument, yes? Heh. Anyway, I was finally able to get the grandparents to write their names down yesterday.


Jacinto is my lolo, Trinidad is my lola, Juliana and Leonor are lolo's sisters, and I live with them in Malabon. These four have been taking care of me since I was 6. I love them to bits.

Scanned and Photoshopped! I plan on getting a plain red tat this time. No black accents like the first two. Now let's see that mofacker on my arm!

Not bad, right? I'd have to tweak it a bit though but that's pretty much it although I was thinking of placing it on the left side of my chest too, like so.

Yes, that's really me. And my blonde ex-girlfriend, Tamara.

So, what do you guys think?

(Imma get my ink done at 55Tinta over at Maginhawa, near UP Diliman by the way. They also did my previous tattoos. Those of you thinking of getting one, you should check the place out!)

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  1. I lol'd at the name of your ex-girlfriend. I am sure you really loved her and I am sorry for lol'ing at her name.

  2. the four persons also fed us, the entire barkada that is, for a long time! i think it's kewl! GO GO GO!

  3. Maganda at sweet. Naantig ako, pramis. Okay sa braso.

  4. Hi Larry :) I like how it looks on your arm. That's very sweet of you, having your folk's names inked on you to honor them.

  5. It's better sa chest..

    (cheeziness coming..)

    para malapit sa heart...

  6. MJtheAWESOMENESSJuly 6, 2010 at 8:40 PM

    i like the red ink. but not on your arm. you look like you cut them into your arm yourself.. (a bit obsessed looking.??) must you have them all lined up?? how about making them go around in a heart shape or something. or a star shape?? cause they were "your guide" throughout your life, hence the star???

    and can i get properly credited up in here?!?!

    yes, you know that you know that i know that you know that im demanding like that. but i only love you pare!! and this is P E R M A N E N T ink. must think and rethink and rethink and edit again... so your grandkids will think you made something out of your life... (when/if you do/did have one..??) LOLLLL. and so you wont end up looking like having a drunken tattoo made like someone else in here.. ahem. ok. good luck!!!

  7. mas maganda pa rin yung nasa kaliwang braso

  8. Looks better on the chest part.

  9. That is an awesome way to honor the folks for everything they've done for you. *salutes*

  10. DK: It's okay. Bitch still owes me a lot of money. In dollars no less.

    Ome: Haha!

    M: Salamat, kaibigan!

    Illa: Churamo hahaha

    MJ: I loved your first idea, but no shapes for me. :P

  11. Weird. Some comments appeared only now. Anyways:

    Tin: :p

    Bel, Mike, Charls: Salamat!

    Fatima: Naisip ko, wala akong magandang dibdib so arm na lang. Haha!

  12. how much did you spend for your two tatts? do you have a pic that i can see? planning to get one too :)

  13. i_forgot: Sure. It's on my Flickr. :)

    1st tattoo -

    2nd tattoo -

    1st one cost me P2k, 2nd one around P6k-P8k. Sorry for the vague figure. It's kind of unfinished as of now haha. :D

  14. Reward thy friend for that superb idea! But, it's also very lucky that the grandparents handwriting mesh well. It might have made for a weird looking tatt if one of them wrote upright or in block letters. :D

  15. honeytonguedharpy: Haha. I specifically asked them to write in cursive, so.... :D

  16. Great idea. I love how it looks (it would look) on your arm.


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