My Day, in Bullshi-- I Mean, Bullets.

Thursday, July 08, 2010

  • Woke up late. Again.
  • Panicked because the guitar I borrowed from a friend for my first gig seemingly had a crack on the neck.
  • Took a cab from home because of said guitar, and ended up paying a hell of a lot more than anticipated because of EDSA traffic.
  • That darned traffic made me more late than I already am. Also, cab's engine kept conking out during the whole trip. That fucker.
  • Did nothing for the most part if the day. Oh, and that crack on the guitar's neck? It was there even before I borrowed it. Yeah.
  • Performed a relatively successful attack on that Eat-All-You-Can-Chicken promo at Max's Restaurant. One whole chicken was cut into four parts, then served to customers. I had 6.
  • I was aiming for AT LEAST 7.
  • The Creative Director at work (my immediate boss) talked to me before I left the office. Imma leave out the details for now, but let's just say that as of the moment, I have 30 days to look for another job.
  • It's 3am, and I still feel full. I shouldn't have had 6.
  • I'd probably end up waking late again tomorrow. I mean later. Whatever.
I hope your day went better than mine.

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  1. Hey hey. I know you feel like shit right now but believe me, everything will turn out okay. :)

    Imma give you a big hug when I see you cutie. :)


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