you look like a monkey! you look like a fucking monkey!

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

entries for the The Blue and Orange Project™ are temporarily suspended. i haven't had time to do something due to work and i don't wanna rush something just so i can post. besides, ka hasn't done anything yet so i wanna let her catch up and shit.

and speaking of work..

miss g, our boss, met with us yesterday to announce something important. representatives from the client are going to drop by the office to conduct a surprise inspection of the premises either today, tomorrow or friday. what they don't know however, is that we have moles working on the inside. said mole got wind of the said inspection and tipped us off. now my boss, having worked for many years in this industry during her younger years, knew the importance of making good impressions so she immediately ordered us to clean up. desks, pantry, bathroom, dark corners, everything.

not bad but wait, i'm not done yet.

wanting to further impress said clients, the big boss told us that starting today till friday, everyone is required to dress like corporate monkeys. button-down polos, slacks, leather shoes, the works. we even had to cut our hair. i was mortified. now i realize that to most people, dressing up is no big deal but c'mon. we're an ad agency. we are artists. artist don't dress up in slacks and whathaveyou's, right? our creative output doesn't have anything to do with how we dress. i can come to work in a ski mask and socks and still produce something, so what the hell? besides, it all just seems so.. fake. nevertheless, i knew we had to comply. only one problem though.

i had. no. corporate. clothes.

the last time i remember having slacks and black shoes was years ago. during high-fucking-school. it's just not me. i remember a phase back in college when i used to dress up in dark denims, suede loafers and polo shirts. god that was awful. since then i swore off the idea of proper attire in favor of the grungy, rockstar look. i had long-sleeved shirts, so all i needed were the pants and shoes. and money. but lo and behold! by some miracle of god, the boss started handing out envelopes to each one of us, like manna from heaven. the contents weren't much, but it'd hafta do. after the meeting, i headed off to landmark and SM with some officemates to look for a quick fix to my problem and luckily i found some stuff that din't make me want to puke were okay, with the help of ka.

here i am in my full monkey outfit. i din't wear my new shirt yet.

i feel awful.

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  1. Spiffy lookin monkey you got there.. lol You actually pulled off the corporate look very well. :)

  2. oke naman pala results e! :D you don't look like a monkey. hahaha!:P

  3. it's not so bad pakner. :)

    thank god we don't have dress code or else, i'd be the first to pass my resignation letter *lol*

  4. *right click, set as desktop background*


  5. z: spiffy. lol thanks!

    chels: um.. no. :p

    jgo: i do! lookit the tail!

    pakner: ganun?? sa dress code lang? haha

    adrian: TADU KA hahahahaha

  6. you look like you sold your soul. or taking it from one.

  7. ei, not bad! you still look perfectly well. hehehe

    I understand from where you are coming from. In my company, we have no wash day. So corporate clothes from M-F. Imagine that dude!!! Imagine that!!!! Actually, I envy people working for companies with no dress code. :-(

  8. quents: in many ways, it seems i did. =]

    jhan: i wish we were back to our shorts-wearing-slippers-traipsing days. then i can make you envious even more. lol


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