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Thursday, August 30, 2007

one of the hazards of working odd hours in an ad agency is finding food in the middle of the night during the long, strenous stretches of overtime. since for obvious reasons the choices are very limited, we content ourselves in procuring goods from the nearest convenience stores near our building in salcedo street. instant pancit cantons, canned tuna and assorted chips give us much-needed sustenance to face the trials and tribulations ahead.

god, we look like the backstreet boys on this one. ok everybody now: "I WANNNIT THAAAAAAT WAAAAAYYYY...."

lookie what we have here. what's this, the chosen drink for PEDOPHILES?!

(photos by officemate and over-all hyper kid ino. check out more of his awesome photography skills HERE. and please, if you ever commission him to do some work for you, don't leave sweets lying around.he tends to get a bit.. restless.)

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  1. And the Backstreet Boy you would be? :p

  2. jae: uh, AJ i think. he gots that "alternative" look going on so yeah. obvious choice for me. :P

  3. reminds me of some soup i saw at the grocery.. cock flavoured soup. lol. no kidding. it really does say cock. not chicken.

  4. on second thought, i think the members of the third sex would like it better.

  5. chelsea: seriously? wow. must be quite a hit with the ladies lol "miss, you want some more cock soup? it's CREAMY."


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