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Wednesday, August 08, 2007

the streets of my dear city are once again submerged in water from the onslaught of rain the past few days. me and kaye went home late last night and saw firsthand how extremely unpassable the roads are. worse, the rain hasn't let up for almost 24 hours so you can just imagine how unpleasant the situation has become. i should be pissed because:

a. it's cold. and wet.

b.it's too much of a hassle to go anywhere. not that you can anyways. all roads out of the city are underwater, ergo;

c. i get bored and in turn construct another inane, pointless entry like this one.

then again, when faced with certain facts, i tend to look at the brighter side of things:

a. it's a perfect day to play hooky from work. living in malabon has its advantages like.. say i call up the office today and tell them my story:

me: "man, i can't go to work today. please tell the AE's."

officemate: "dude, it's just a bit of rain. getting wet won't kill you."

me: "i live in MALABON, you ass."

officemate: (SHOUTS) "people! larry needs our help!"

me: "WAIT! i just need you to tell the AE's that i ca---"

officemate: (STILL SHOUTING) "we need canned goods, clothes, and some money! oh, and a large BOAT!"

me: (hangs up phone)

b. i get to sleep more, a luxury i severely lack nowadays.

c. i get to spend more time with my folks.

personally, i like rainy days, tho it makes me a bit emo and shit. now i'm off to my room where i'll light up some candles, sing along to some dashboard confessionals tunes on my ipod and cry while punching some pillows.

have a good day everyone.

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  1. don't you just love the way people wince when you beat them all in going to work on time despite the fact that you're from the nation's flood capital?


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