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Thursday, July 26, 2007

i haven't been updating for quite some time now. not that i lack of things to write about, it's just that i am in that mood again where i can't construct a decent entry no matter how hard i rack my useless brain. i guess you all know where this is going so without further ado..

• wow, my blog's 2 years old now. 2 years worth of bitterness and silliness, a rollercoaster scenario all encapsulated within this little corner of cyberspace.

• i tried doing a new header for my blog but i can't seem to put it in correctly. i still use the old skool blogger language of HTML btw.

• of course "old skool" means "that's the only thing i remotely know how to use". i don't want to move to another blog server because.. well just because. i guess you could say i'm sentimental that way.

• yeah i know. you're a fucking sissy as well.

• so if any of you wants to help me do HTML, please do. i'd greatly appreciate it. i'd be indebted forever.

• been sick since the weekend. i think i need to take some vitamins. wooteva.

• after much trepidation, i finally gave in and downloaded the seventh harry potter book, deathly hollows. much like what i did when the sixth came out, i have been reading it practically nonstop eversince and i must say, it's been terrific so far. i'm on the 26th chapter already. 10 more to go.

• still haven't watched harry potter's movie, despite my desire to do so.

• it kinda sucks that they're showing "ratatouille" and "the simpsons movie" now. it'll take me practically forever to see all 3 of them.

• 1st year anniv with the gf is coming up. we were planning on going to boracay to celebrate but being the poor boy that i am, the plan isn't going to push through anymore.

• sometimes i hate the fact that i am not as successful career-wise as i thought i would be at this age.

• with that said, i am planning something else for the gf and i hope she loves it. since she reads this blog of mine, it's impossible for me to share the details of the said plan with all of you. like you care anyways.

so there. now i go.

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  1. what zeemz to be the vroblem wit ze html?

  2. you are my saviour quents! uh, i can't seem to place the image i made on the topmost part of the page. plus i can't get rid of the left-hand margin. HALP!

  3. i sent something to your meebo.

  4. Time flies fast when you're having fun. All the more when you're inlove.

    I just can't help but say that again. :p

  5. late for the geeky stuff again as usual but if you still need help on the web stuff, count me in the crew.


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