she's almost legal so fuck off.

Monday, July 30, 2007

up until now i am trying to remember if i have friends living in the UK. if any of you are reading this, please send me a copy as soon as it hits the stores in your area. my sanity depends on it.


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  1. sanity pala ha..

  2. she looks so air-brushed in this photo, she looks nothing like she does on the show. ah well, its your fantasy :)

  3. i have an aunt in UK. but i dunno if she'll care about saving your sanity tho. lol.

    nice blog =)

  4. anonymous: aww. you know i'm just kidding and i love you right?

    chris: you horndog. lol

    sparks: long time no hear! also, what are you talking about, woman? surely you jest! she isn't airbrushed, she's just that perfect!

    niki: hey niki. thanks for commenting. um, would your aunt reconsider if you told her it's for a special kid with violent tendencies that can only be calmed down with indecent magazines?

  5. penge ren ng copy! haha!

    i've loved her since her ally mcbeal days!

  6. she played ally's long lost daughter. but you probably wouldn't have liked her that time because she portrayed a very wholesome and smart alec kid. in short, hindi pa sya hot nun. :P

    i think nagsimulua sya gumanda in the movies Ice Princess and Raising Helen.

  7. jar: whatchu talking about? i like brains on a woman too you know. :P


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