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Wednesday, May 23, 2007

got tagged by two people so i decided to do both in one entry.

first one is from cookster, which instructs the tag-ee to list 7 random things about him/her. i was thinking "wtf! as if people want to know stuff about me!" but i relented. i mean, c'mon! who could refuse cookster? the man is CUDDLY! cuddly i tells ya!

(actually i was thinking more along the lines of "HUGE" and "SCARY" but what the hey. i consider myself to be pretty tall at 5'9 1/2 but i think he is bigger than me. so rather than risk getting beat up by this monster of a man, i just decided to play along. you say "wimp", i say "peace-loving".)

here goes:

1. i used to collect comic books. i stopped when prices skyrocketed to high heavens. still thinking of going back tho, now that i'm earning tons of moolah. (i wish)

2. i actually have 4 piercings (two on each ear). i let the other two close tho.

3. i dreamt of becoming a comic book artist when i was a kid. i used to do makeshift comics a lot, inventing new characters and stories, sometimes taking existing ones and doing my own takes at them. wasn't able to save any of them tho.

4. i'm sporty. i have tried doing all sorts of stuff, and had little or no problems at all learning because i pick things up easily. i play tennis, basketball, volleyball, bowling and badminton, plus i swim and play billiards. weird tho, that my bod still looks far from what an athlete's would be like. go figure.

5. i took piano lessons when i was a kid, and then stopped when i reached high school. still one of my biggest regrets.

6. i don't drink softdrinks anymore. it's very rare that you can find me sipping one of dem carbonated liquids. i guess it's because i am constantly at war with my body weight.

7. i hate people who tell me one thing over and over and over again. it's like "man, i'm not that stupid. once is enough."

there. now i'm supposed to tag 3 people so.. i'm tagging tess, ohme, and jgo.

next one is from tess, which instructs the tag-ee to list 15 random/little known/weird things about him/her, and that-- er.. okay. you can see it's pretty much the same as the one i did above so what do i do? i simply add 8 MORE FACTS and the problem is solved! yay! i am such a gene-e-ass.

8. i cannot go to bed without washing my feet first. let's say i did already and i'm in bed then i'd remember that i forgot something downstairs, i'd go get it then wash my feet again before heading back to bed.

9. i commute to work, and i always sit on the same spot on the train everyday.

10. i read sweet valley high and SVU books when i was in high school till college. i would borrow some from my sister when i had nothing else to read.

11. i hate liver. everytime nanay would cook menudo, i'd always take them out because they taste like chicken crap.

12. i have tiny teeth and toes, and i have skinny legs. i got them from my mom. damn genetics.

13. i rarely comb my hair. part of the reason why i have my current hairstyle is because it's wash-and-wear.

14. i hate blood. it always makes me squeamish.

15. i grew up without my parents, who went to the states when i was six.

so now i'm supposed to tag 5 PEOPLE?? dang. fine. i'm tagging kai, ayeth, GJ, jey-aiy and rona.

there ya go. seriously, i don't know what the point is of me tagging people. it's not like anybody reads my shit of a site anyways.

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  1. You just added 7 things to my tag? Boo! And then you tag me for 8 items less than my own tag? In my country the government calls it TAG BACK. Dude.

    Teka, so hindi ko na kelangan sumagot? Hehe. Peace.


  2. hey pakner! i read your shite! hahaha!!!

  3. btw, how many people am i supposed to tag? *lol*

  4. hmmm.. i wonder why you erased a comment.. did it say something nasty?

  5. CM: boo you.

    pakner: sorry. ako'y nagulo. haha.

    anonymous: hullo. i din't erase anything. ask the one who wrote it. i'd tell you who it was if i knew.

  6. anonymous: speaking of which, who are YOU?

  7. Lols. *cue C.S.I. opening theme*

    anonymous: I'm the culprit. I made a typo error on my comment so I revised, deleted the old comment, then posted the corrected comment. I do it in twitter all the time.

    @larry: Sana hindi masyadong mainit ang ulo. Takot ako eh.

    Btw, to be specific, it's A HALF ASSED TAG BACK. Dude.


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