Friday, May 18, 2007

saw SHREK 3 last night at GB with karen after having dinner at NYFD (their fries and dip combos are sickeningly good i swear.) i was expecting bucketloads of fun from the movie and while there were a few snort-and-guffaw-worthy scenes, the film's entirety left me feeling a wee bit disappointed. i guess you can only do so much spoofing (that even a word? wtf) before shrek's twisted-fairytales concept becomes ordinary fare.

the film isn't all that bad, but after the first half of the movie, i was craving for more witty lines and plots and sadly, the movie failed to deliver. don't even get me started on the ending. it was about as cheesy and plain as a... well, a cheese pizza. from 3M. worth your movie money, but if you don't get to see it you won't miss much.

hmmm.. first spiderman 3, now shrek. is there such a thing as "the curse of the third"?

+ + + +

got a hold of the may issue of UNO magazine featuring nancy castiglione and hotdammit, she is hotter than ever (despite the numerous alterations her face and chest underwent.) so hot in fact that when i got home i felt the need to grab a hold of myself and calm down-- er, i meant i needed to get a grip. no wait that din't sound right either.

fuck. now i need a cold shower.

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  1. gah i slept through most of the scenes...literally.

  2. Finally, someone who shares the same review as me. Gahd, everybody else who saw it thought it was great. I keep on telling them, the second one was way better. Right??


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