"heroes" is back! (spoilers ahead)

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

got to watch episode 19 earlier and it friggin' rocks, as always! things are heating up faster than you can say "peter can do WHAT?" and the developments have left me in an agitated state.

peter vs. sylar part 2 was bitin again, but it was nice to see petrelli able ta trade blows with the baddie this time. it sucked having to watch isaac die like that, but that's one of the things i like about this series. no frills, no bull, no limits. just plain, good old storytelling. and present hiro meeting future hiro in the last scene of the episode?! abso-fucking-lutely awesome.

i can't wait for the undoubtedly explosive series finale!

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  1. i don't watch heroes. shoot me i don't care.

    and i can be really really nice if i want to. *pa-angel effect*

    you can take off the CM's logic link. i won't update it anymore. ever.

  2. i'm not some heroes fanatic who hates everyone who doesn't watch it. it's a free world. you can go watch "blues clues" for all i care. LOL =p

    somehow, i don't think "nice" and "CM" go well together. now "INDIFFERENT".. that's another matter.

  3. i really need to get myself a decent copy of heroes...you're killing me!


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