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Friday, April 06, 2007

we pulled off the wedding of the century without a hitch! you guys should have seen the look of surprise on tatay and nanay's faces!

and now.. pictures!

the pic i took of them while we were waiting at the lobby before the party. i intended this for use in the sign frame we had the guests sign.

it took a long time for tito robert to get the room ready for the celebration. we used the time to indulge our camwhoric tendencies.

the sign posted at the lobby of discovery suites.

picture taken by my uncle while the wedding was going on. awww.

i was doing the rounds, trying to take pictures of the event. i nearly spilled tears when i saw this picture.. until i realized tatay wasn't crying. he was wiping his frigging nose!

course we can't have a wedding without the customary cake-eating and wine drinking.

after the ceremonies and hullabaloos, relatives posed with the newly weds. this is them with kaye, kate and me, their apos.

i brought karen along and introduced her to mommy and kate. this picture doesn't show it, but she told me she was very nervous beforehand. she needn't have. i could tell mom and kate liked her.

nanay and tatay with tatay's siblings. too bad tito ramon, the youngest couldn't make it.

of course it wasn't all sweetness and mushiness. we still found time ta goof around.


me and karen sneaked a couple of times downstairs to smoke during the whole thing. we found this grand piano in the restaurant we went in and i couldn't resist sitting down and tinkering with the keys. i swear if i get filthy rich, i am buying a grand piano.

after we got home, the newlyweds opened up the presents from their guests.

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  1. The photo with the piano's a real winner, Larry. From one frustrated musician to another. Hihi.

    Darn. The photorama sure made me misty-eyed. I sure love looking at old couples who still hold hands. *sighs*


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