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Sunday, April 08, 2007

mom and kate left for NY this morning.. me, tatay, nanay, che and tita pilar drove them to the airport.

weird. they've been doing that for several years. you think we'd get used to it by now, but saying goodbye never gets easier. ever.

just wanted to post these, taken a few days after they landed in manila. kate likes it when we do silly faces. the one on the bottom right was taken this morning on the way to the airport. one last hurrah before they flew to NY.

been wanting to take nanay and tatay to baywalk for the longest time, and after we left the airport i got the chance. che dropped us off at roxas boulevard because she and tita pilar had somewhere to go and i suggested we three drop by baywalk to have coffee and walk around. my wedding treat. sort of.

after we got home, i went to my room and saw my stuff littered on the floor. mommy used to clean them up every morning since she got here. i looked on the empty bed across my room.. the same bed they slept in during their stay here.

funny, the house seems a lot bigger now that they've left.

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