i went to divisoria and survived to tell the tale.

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

saturday me and karen went out to try and find small gift items for our friends and familiy. we both had a tight christmas budget so naturally, 168 was an obvious choice.

since i'm too damn lazy to make up some lame anecdote to describe the whole divi experience, i'll just make do with pics with captions. (yeah i know, it totally contradicts the title of this entry. so what?)

just a small example of what me and ka had to wrestle with. that crowd isn't even half the number of the people in front of the 168 mall.

a few of the goodies we found while browsing through the merchandise. one thing i noticed about 168 is that there are minimal guy stuff for sale. which kinda sucks because i was looking for shirts and jeans myself. the small amount of guy clothes that were present din't really look good too. which kinda sucks even more.

took a pic of this mannequin which we saw around the mall. you may not notice it from the image, but dem ladies sport larger muscles than me (not that i have muscles. that's not the point. whatever.) i fondly called them "trannies", much to karen's delight.

we took the LRT back to her place. as we got off at buendia station, (that's gil puyat for those who din't know) we passed by the adjoining mall and saw this:

i made those! haha. it was nice seeing them out like that. not as big as my billboard, but just as satisfying.

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  1. meeehhhh guess i cant throw you some BTL work.. u do Smart, boi :(


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