what the hell?

Monday, October 23, 2006

i woke up this morning mildly irritated because i realized how stupid it is to have a working day sandwiched between a weekend and a holiday.

i wish they just made today a special, almost-a-holiday rest day.

rassum frassum.

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  1. yea i know, it really mess you up eh? the wednesday that came after, felt like a friggin friday for some reason. and the workday seemed a bit longer than usual.

    haha thanks for the xanga comment..i have a blogspot account too i think? along with all the other bloggers i signed up with.. lol.

    I work at Maxicare for a lil over a month now? sa Medical Plaza. Still waiting for when I can work at the hospital after all this nursing hoopla; officework at an HMO company works for now.

    :P There's another holiday sandwich next week. Have a safe and solemn All Saint's Day!


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