making the band

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

after years of dilly-dallying, me and some musically-inclined friends of mine finally took a step towards forming a band. nothing too ambitious, mind you. just two acoustic guitars, a bass, a k-hon and the desire to actually be able to play. before you raise your eyebrows at that ensemble, let me just state for the record that i would rather die than play "showband" tunes. a bold proclamation, i know.

it was a little rough, but then again beginnings are never easy. i'm not a good guitar player to begin with, plus i haven't been playing for years now. add the fact that i am, as of the moment, the designated, default vocalist. yeah, you can just imagine the ruckus i made. yap, our other guitarist, was good except for a few off strummings here and there. perry, our percussionist did great too. adlib na lang ang kulang. hopefully next time dennis, our bass man, would be there. we picked out several songs that we'd cover and by 1am, we decided to call it a night because all of us had to be at the office early in the morning. i woke up at 6am kanina, and now here i am at the office at 9am, trying to beat a 2pm deadline. sacrifices have to be made, but what the hey. i want this so bad i'm willing ta work hard at it.

saying that i am excited about this whole thing is a gross understatement.

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  1. lolz...i had a similar experience...i was with the university paper during my college days and everytime we're scheduled to put together the paper (editing/lay-outs...etc), i get all excited with the prospect of producing another issue that i stay up all night with the staff even if it means i had to rush my thesis revision to be passed at 10 in the morning!

  2. can't wait to see you perform! (cheezzzzyy?!hehe :P) but seriously, i'm excited and really for happy for you, baby. goodluck to the whole group! galingan niyo, ha? i love you, babe!

  3. sarah: it's a nice feeling ain't it?

    baby: *hugs*

    rona: not yet. haha.

  4. you don't need a groupie anymore you have hot friends na. hahahaha! =D


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