Monday, October 02, 2006

"sabi ng mga lola ko, masama daw maglaro ng kandila kasi mag-iihi ako..."

no electricity. no cellphone. no cable. no gimmicks. milenyo came and went, leaving a path of unspeakable destruction behind. never in my life have i seen a typhoon that wreaked as much havok as this one did, leaving much of luzon literally in the dark in its wake.

hope y'all are okay.

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  1. baguio dint feel the typhoon, it was just raining, tho it was windy. ang sarap ngang tumambay sa top floor sa may veranda ng sm.. just feeling the breeze touch yer face. oh well. hope all's fine now on yer side of the world. haha. parang ang layo anoh.

  2. chelsea: haha. baguio IS relatively far, mind you. god i miss going there. =]


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