Meiday! Meiday!: The Great Cubao X-Perience

Sunday, July 11, 2010

So after my first gig at Freedom Bar last week, Francis Cabal of The Strangeness asked me if I could session for them at their Meiday Cubao X gig because their regular guitarist would be unavailable to play. I was initially apprehensive, because the bands that would be playing that night were pros, bands that I actually listen to. Shit's scary, right? Look at that line-up!

Right? Right? Scared shitless I may have been, I eventually agreed. I mean, who was I kidding. It was fucking MEIDAY for chrissakes. I'd be lucky if I ever got the chance to play there again.

I just hoped I wouldn't mess up too much.
Lucky for me, Francis and the rest of the band are pretty awesome dudes. Gig went well without a hitch. Well for me at least. :D

Me and Ade. I had my back turned to the crowd to avoid any panic attacks LOL


Everything that happened after our set was a blur. I remember meeting a few cool people, saying hi to some familiar faces, and drinking my ass off. I was so high from playing and beer, that I even forgot to sample the goodies from the now-open-to-serve-you Kebab X, which was the main reason why there was a Meiday event in the first place. Heh.

Best. Night. EVER.

(All photos taken by Tin. :D)

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  1. COngrats to The Strangeness :)

  2. good job lar! next time invite mo kami ni coocoo.

  3. Holy shit, look at that line-up indeed! I should've gone there instead right after my readings!

  4. Erlyn: Kung me next time pa haha

    Fats: Salamat! Sayang 'di tayo nagkita! :D

    Abbee: Ikaw kasi eh. :)) Next Meiday!


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