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Monday, September 18, 2006

one of the reasons why i seldom watch TV nowadays is because of time constraints. i spend a good 10 hours at the office everyday, so even if a particular TV show catches my attention, i have absolutely no way of watching it regularly, more so if it's a weekly series. most of the time i get tired of watching it because it's too exhausting to try and fill the gaps in the story made by my inability to watch certain episodes. fortunately (or not), our country and certain sectors provide couch potatoes like me with options to solve such a dilemma.

pirated DVD's. yay.

lately, me and my sister have been voraciously consuming episode after episode of LOST, HOUSE, and PRISON BREAK via the said medium, giving me the chance to follow the happenings in each series without having to worry bout missing an episode (the best part? no commercial breaks!) my addiction has almost reached fever pitch, so much that yesterday i finally gave in and bought a five-season set of SMALLVILLE.

now if only i can find the time to actually WATCH all of them, everything would be dandy. =]

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  1. been a long time since i dropped by here. :) im looking for season 1 ng veronica commercial breaks!!! :p

  2. OMG! same here...thanks to pirated dvd's im able to collect all my favorite tv series especially The Amazing Race | 6 Feet Under | House and Smallville...its crazy but i love it! besides, its all clear-cut dvd copies so its all worth it!


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