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Tuesday, August 01, 2006

saw this article on the news recently, and i thought i'd just share it with you guys. apparently, some guy has taken to calling himself "pricasso", and started painting surprisingly good portraits in acrylic. he believes he is the world's first "penile painter".

check out the article HERE

i wonder.. how many strokes does he take to finish?

his portraits i mean. LOL

+ + + +

below are some of the stuff i overheard recently from friends and friends of friends:

"asan na yung baga ko?" (dencio, looking for the 'pritong baga' pulutan one drinking session at home)

"ubusin mo nga yung iyo!" (dencio again, urging ohme to finish his tagay)

"alex, kinain mo ba yung itlog ko?" (karen's officemate ali asked his companions over lunch)

"ang ikli na naman ng iyo..." (kaye, castigating perry for putting up a short 'wall' during mahjong)

of course, i have my share of boo-boos too:

"eskie, mani mo nakabukas baka kumunat!" (upon seeing my officemates' merienda of peanuts in the pantry)

"nald, bakit nakababad sa suka yang itlog mo?" (during lunch)

"gusto nyo longganisa? ayaw ko na nung sa kin e.." (again, during lunch)

out-of-context quotes are so funny.

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