i'm back...

Thursday, August 31, 2006

...after 2 days of staying home and staring at the walls (or the TV screen, whichever is applicable LOL). i came down with god-knows-what, i'm not really sure. all i know is that i felt weak, i had headaches and a slight fever along with colds and coughing. add the fact that my tooth was aching like crazy. i sound like a sissy, no? haha.

screw you.

now, when one gets sick, boredom is inevitable. let's face it, you can only watch so much TV, and it's not advisable to keep stuffing yer face with whatever edible thing you see at home. you can't very well go out, for obvious reasons. i ended up thinking about stuff in the confines of my room, something that i haven't been able to do lately. i came up with a few ideas and realizations. some were new, some were old:

* i am more creative when i am depressed. case in point: i haven't been doing any photomanipulation/photoshop works in a long time. i haven't been able to write too; hence the lack of "substantial" entries here in my blog. i should feel worried, but surprisingly, i find that i am not. i guess i would rather be insanely happy than creative but sad.

* i have a love-hate relationship with my hair. there are times when it looks okay, but nowadays it just, i dunno, looks like a mass of unruly waves and curls. i am planning on getting a haircut on saturday, and i am leaning towards getting a short cut. well, not that short i guess. a mohawk would be nice. at least it'd be different.

* the past has a weird habit of sneaking up on you, no matter how hard you try to escape it. or forget. it's all just a matter of perspective i guess, how you'd handle such instances.

* lately i seem to be getting sick often. a little too often. i guess i should try and lessen my daily nicotine intake. build up the old immune system. i'm not getting any younger.

god that last line was so, so sad.

* i am doing absolutely NOTHING for my future. well, financially that is. i dunno why, but eversince i could remember i have been a 15/30 kind of employee. i'm not that extravagant. i don't usually buy stuff i don't need. how come i can't save up?

so there. the musings of a bored and sick individual.


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