the leap

Friday, July 28, 2006

i took this pic about a week ago, while me and the officemates were playing ball at the mini basketball court on the rooftop of our building. something bout the scene reminded me of the life i led almost a year ago.



with very little bright spots.

i was alone, having just broken up with an ex. i had resigned from work out of disgust. i shunned most barkada gimmicks because i was too depressed and broke to go out. everything seemed so pointless and boring.

then, everything changed. gradually.

i remember a line from one of my fave movies, the will smith starrer HITCH: "that's what people do. they leap, and hope to god they fly." and that's exactly what i did.

somewhere along the way, i got tired of my stale, safe life, and i leapt.

it wasn't easy. my initial attempts were futile, owing largely to the weight of my burdens. and upon introspection, i realize now that i wasn't even trying back then. it was fortunate that i had my friends, who were there everytime i tried leaping. they caught me whenever i crashed, without hesitation. they then dust me off, nurse my wounds and egg me to try again. i kept trying and trying and trying. i applied in the previously-shunned field of advertising, and i got a job in an ad agency. i opened myself up, and i found a warm, sweet and caring person who makes me smile each god-given morning that i wake up. the world had become brighter, more colorful, more exciting. everyday, i find new reasons to be happy, to keep on living, to be a better person.

i had leapt, and i surprisingly found out that i had the ability to fly.

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  1. i have always always believed in you pakner.

    as i have said, everything is just a state of mind.

    see you soon pakner! mwah!

  2. aaawwwhhh.. You softie, you..


  3. thanks. this entry inspired me. :)

    keep flying. :)

  4. pakner: thanks. langyang kape di na matuloy-tuloy. =]

    zaizee: LOL

    rona: thanks.

    zombie: that's nice to know. =] grazie!

  5. i always have faith in you =)


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