oh no, it can't be

Thursday, March 16, 2006

i have been having sleepless nights lately.

sure, it isn't a new thing for me. i have been somewhat of an insomniac eversince, which is prolly why i will forever be perpetually late for morning commitments and such. i have tried everything, from going to bed early to drinking varied amounts of alcoholic beverages to watching TV. nothing seemed to work.

but i digress.

it's not so much as the solution but the CAUSE that's bothering me. thing is, unlike the uncertainty among the solutions that i've come up with, the cause of my sleeplessness is quite crystal clear: i have begun thinking and worrying about stuff yet again, though i promised myself months ago that i would stop doing just that and start enjoying my life more. apparently, the wheels of conviction have other ideas, as i presently find myself struggling to deal with things and emotions which i thought i have long buried. i only take comfort in the fact that it really isn't as bad as before, where i would experience long hours of depression in addition to lack of sleep motivation. i'm sure a lot of you can imagine what being awake in the wee hours of the morning with nothing to do and hundreds of thoughts running through your mind can feel like. not good, right?

how many more turns will it take for me to escape the phantoms of yesterday?

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  1. you ... might try talking to a shrink

  2. hey hey. i used to have the same problem! somethin's probly bothering u dude. anyways, try listening to trance. (as much as possible, no vocals). did wonders for me. ;) hope THAT works. and hope u can stomach trance.

  3. same prob too!
    yeah probably coz ur thinking of something or somethings bothering you.
    If you're thinking of something that you can do naman at that moment. -Do it na.
    and you'll be able to go to sleep na rin.
    Ako madalas kasi, I can't sleep at night coz I'm worried what will happen tomorrow, i might forget something, etc... so I ready my stuff na at night. like lahat ng dadalhin ko nasa isang table na, so i'm sure na wala akong makakalimutan, and it works! nakakatulog na ko :)

    ay before pala, i spray this scent sa pillow ko... i forgot what eh.. basta it makes you sleep daw. and it works talaga!
    may time nga lang, nung naubos yung scent na yun, i couldnt sleep na talaga, coz nasanay na ko. without it, di ako nakakatulog talaga. hahaa!


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