yo santa!

Monday, December 05, 2005

so yeah, with christmas fast approaching, i thought i'd give you guys a headstart in buying me my gift, you know.. avoid the rush and the crowd LOL kidding. this is, for all intents and purposes, larry's wish list for christmas 2005!

a new cellphone - so yeah. i really want one. bad. how come my phone always gets lost or stolen everytime mom comes home?

an ipod - larry is a music lover. so, this one's a no brainer. the nano is sleek as hell, but i'd settle for a mini ipod. =]

a guitar - i really, really wanna get one. gotta start practicing. =]

a piano - what's a piano doing here? haha. i guess i just want to continue playing the piano, something i was deprived of when my sister and me stopped taking lessons.

shades - nothing beats the original, classic look of the rayban aviators. mahal nga lang. haha. but, you know me. basta magandang shades.. i have 8 pairs already, more sana if i din't lose or break some of them. =]

jeans - you can never have too many pairs.

shoes - of course this won't be larry's wish list without shoes! haha. top choices would be adidas sneaks, chuck taylors, and pumas. gola is a nice choice too. =]

other gift suggestions (LOL)

accessories - bracelets, buttons, whatever.

an alarm clock - maawa kayo sa akin. help me stop my lates. haha. those old school clocks with some sorta bells on top that sound really loud would be great!

blank CD's - i need to burn my files in the office so i can take them home. precious pics and mp3's LOL

a bean bag - for my room. magkano ba yun?

a lamp - for late-night reading. =]

so there! i just made your lives easier. no more thinking what to buy for dear old larry LOL

now if only somebody could buy me an eclipse or a laptop.. =]

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  1. "hahaha" is not very promising.

  2. does it have to be specific? hahaha!

    you should see my list first! hahaha!

  3. bean bag would be around 600 bucks and up! =) Aviator shades are also on MY wish list! hehe.

    Merry Xmas dude!

  4. oh,

    i also want an alarm clock (the louder the better!) and a lamp.

    i'm lazy to wake up!



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