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Thursday, December 08, 2005

last dec. 6, the folded and hung christmas party 2005 was held in quezon city sports club. this year's highlight was the dance presentations of different branches. last year, it was anything goes. this time around however, they decided to spice things up a bit by naming a category: pop icons. names were drawn, and we were fortunate(?) enough to pick SHAKIRA. jair, our resident chinese dance guru whipped up a bad-ass choreo that would've made mel feliciano whimper in envy LOL. unfortunately, we got 2nd place.. but what the hey! it's something to be proud of! the food was great, the music so-so, the beer was short, but it was fun nonetheless. check out the pictures here.

on a sadder note, i am pleased to announce the repeat performance of the musical entitled "LARRY: SUSPENDED FROM WORK" yet again, in what could be the final outing for this now-classic show. this time, "SUSPENDED" will run for 2 WEEKS! get your tickets now before you lose the chance to witness this once in a lifetime event!


i really hafta stop being late. oh well. imma be looking for another work come january so.. yeah. looks like i won't be able to finish the 2 week suspension. yay. (small smile)

+ + + +

in case y'all wondering what the hell that photo above is doing there, that was my partay attire. i wore jeans and chucks with it. haha. what's my point? well, nothing really. just an intro. i got that top from greenhills when i went there sunday eve to shop. man. that place really looks different now. masama pa, there were so many stuff ta buy, but i had little cash LOL. babalik ako dun when i get my bonus! haha!hafta buy stuff for friends and shit.

+ + + +

oh, and check this cool pic of the upcoming X-MEN3 film.. cool, no? =]

+ + + +

so yeah, it's been almost a week and still no word from HER. yeah. i know. don't tell me "i told you so".

so what now? what is there left to do when you feel you've done almost all that you humanly can? do you stop and save what little self-respect you have? or do you push yourself to the limit, and try to gather up strength for one more hurrah?

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