Saturday, December 17, 2005

last night i met up with pika, jd, ajo, jaja, bj, tanya, miloy, mak and paolo in tiendisitas to plan our punta fuego trip this sunday (yay!) it was my first time ta go there, and it was a nice place ta hang out. good food, organized tiangges with loads of selections, and best of all, low prices. i got myself another leather cuff. haha. i was looking for board shorts for sunday, but no such luck. i guess imma hafta go ta trusty old greenhills later. =]

+ + + +

artwork i did.

i'm in a minimalist mood lately. most of my recent artworks are straight out photos with little or no editing at all. i kinda like it. =]

have a great weekend y'all! =]

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  1. wow.

    i like that too. very nice shot and artwork.

    *inggit.. inggit.. inggit..*

    you are so talented.



  2. nice... i like it. photoshop?

  3. rona: thanks. =]

    zaizee: yup, i use photoshop for my works. =]


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