Friday, December 16, 2005

manoman. i am beginning to enjoy suspension. which isn't a good thing. haha.

wednesday after work, i went to bien's place ta crash. it had been a plan, seeing as the day after was the 2nd day of my suspension. (yay!) i had envisioned hours in front of his PC, playing sacred and NBA live 2005. i get there, and he tells me he just upgraded his NBA live to 2006! (double yay!) i quickly shooed him off his seat and tried playing it. better graphics, better but harder controls though. (non-NBA live geeks need not read this part LOL) i was able ta play 3 games when something disastrous happened: the screen suddenly blacked out. feeling the rising bile of panic in our throats, we tried rebooting his PC.. to no avail. we both shouted "NOOOOOOOO!" as all hope left us. it was dead. (sorry. you have no idea what the PC means to us LOL) anyhoo, as the main source of our entertainment got snuffed before our very eyes, we had to resort to alternative means of amusing ourselves (not that you idiot): we texted and tried calling up friends and acquaintances and what-have-you's. suffice to say that the activity quickly bored us to death, and after a few minutes, i was off ta dreamland, leaving bien the unenvious position of being awake with no one ta talk to LOL

the following morning, we proceeded to funeraria paz to visit the remains of carlo's dad, who died 2 days before. we stayed there for a couple of hours, then bid goodbye because bien had to go to PGH to drop off money for his brother, who recently had an operation and was confined there. carlo told us to drop by later at his house for a little alcohol session. we both nodded "sure" as we left paz.

we rode the FX to PGH and got there an hour later because traffic was hell. we proceeded to the room where boran, bien's bro was staying. after a few hours of talking and joking around, bien and i found ourselves agreeing to lui's (bien's elder sister) suggestion to take home their stuff, seeing as boran would be checking out on saturday. they proceeded to clean up and began stuffing things in plastic bags. my eyes grew wider as the bulk grew steadily bigger. oh. kay. great. good thing tho, that lui decided it would be better if we take a cab. i silently thanked my lucky stars as we hoisted the huge bags over our shoulders.

after unloading the stuff at bien's condo unit, we decided ta eat dinner outside before we went to carlo's place. we ate in andre's, this nice little coffee place that served kick-ass baked mac. after stuffing our faces silly we took a jeep to EDSA where we got on a dela rosa bus to malinta exit. carlo and sam, his friend, picked us up at vista verde gate where bien and i got off. we passed by a store where we promptly bought 2 big GSM blues, a couple of cans of luncheon meat, and tuna. there were a whole lot of us at carlo's house. his 3 younger brothers were there, as well as 3 of his friends and his girlfriend. we had the usual laughs, jokes and good-natured ribbings until we had to call it a day pagdating ng 1am.

not bad. not bad at all. haha.

i wonder how day 3 will go. =]

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  1. you're suspended? from school? hehehehe..for what reason??

    nga pla, nilink kita. :D

  2. fun. fun. fun.


    i'm still jealous.


    oooh, i'll link you din pala.

  3. im green, i repeat, im GREEN with envy! i mean, at least you get to rest ...teeehee

  4. You went to Vista Verde in Cainta?? Cooooo... I live there.

    I already added you up on my links. :)

  5. yayam: nope, not school. i am suspended from work because i am chronologically challenged (read: always late LOL)

    rona: haha. yeah, i'm beginning to enjoy it. hopefully i'll have more suspension/vacay adventures =]

    sarah: rest? what's that?! LOL

    kiara: we went to vista verde in novaliches.. is that the same? haha sorry. i really suck at geography LOL

    thanks for linking guys!


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