weekend schmeekend

Tuesday, August 23, 2005

oh man oh man oh man. where to start. haha.

me and kaye went to SM north friday afternoon. she asked me to come with her, cause she was getting a new phone na. (prolly a security measure; bodyguard kumbaga. haha) so off we went. after hours of walking and asking and much evaluation, she finally settled for a 6600. she was so happy! she looked like the proverbial kid opening up her christmas present (which was almost true, since she blurted out "there goes my 13th month pay" after handing the money to the cashier. optimist, she ain't. haha) we watched "the skeleton key" afterwards. it was god awful, to say the least. the plot was boring and dragging. i swear to god if it weren't for kate hudson's presence, i would've slept through it. bleh. note to self: good trailer doesn't necessarily mean good movie. write that down. we got home around 10:00PM.

saturday, i was back in SM, this time with jair. he asked me to come with him cause he was planning on buying chucks. he ended up not buying though, kasi wala nang size for him. pfft. oh, and you should've seen what jair and i had for lunch. we could've fed 8 families with the grub we got! haha. i was supposed ta play badminton ng bandang 3pm, but when i got home from SM i was so tired and sleepy that i just dozed off. (ryan and minnie, i'm sorry!) i woke up a few hours later to find that perry sent me a message saying we have badminton at 8pm. alrighty then. after playing, gj, perry and i went to my place to have a little drinking session, which quickly turned into a full-blown alcohol fest when tito robert and kaye joined in. i think i had 8-10 bottles. i don't really remember. haha. we finished mga 8am, i think. gj and perry ended up sleeping over. =]

sunday was a lazy day. gj and perry woke up around noon na. gj cooked up a mean maling omelet while i prepared soup. my head was still throbbing, and by the look on gj and perry's faces, i could tell they were feeling the same thing too. we spent the whole day just lying down and eating some more. jackie passed by mga 6pm and brought us manggang hilaw, because i told her nanay cooked bagoong. she and perry went home a few hours after.

so there. blah. why i feel the need to write down my weekends in condensed form weekly is beyond me. haha. later.

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  1. I thought you're creating 8 posts this week. where are the rest? harhar! ;-)


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