INXS rocks!

Friday, August 19, 2005

i watched an episode of rockstar:INXS last night on starworld. for those who are unfamiliar with it, it's a reality show about the band INXS and their search for a new lead vocalist, ala "american idol". now i admit, i am somewhat unfamiliar with their type of music, but i guess the lure of a reality TV show about rockers was too much of a temptation for me, what with my overwhelming desire to actually be in a band myself. it's hosted by brooke burke (yowza!), and features dave navarro and INXS themselves as judges. each week, the contestants perform a song they chose from the list provided, and like "AI", one contestant will be eliminated after voting ends.

it's almost halfway through, from the initial 15 contestants, there are now 8 left, and one more will be eliminated tonight. i think the gig will be a toss up between marty (the one who vaguely resembles a drugged-up david spade) and migs (the willem dafoe lookalike).

jordis is good, but i doubt she'd fit with INXS' style. jd is passionate, but his reluctance to be a team player might be his undoing.

marty has been solid so far, and his acoustic rendition of the killer's "mr. brightside" is one of the most awesome performances ever in the show.

migs (my personal favorite, who happens to be half-pinoy and based in australia) gave the judges something to think about, when he sang peter frampton's "baby i love your way" while playing the piano. easily the best performance of the night, though marty's rendition of britney spears' "baby one more time" was interesting.

so was jessica's version of natalie imbriglia's "torn". i'm excited to see who will be eliminated tonight, and more curious to see who will go on and win it all. he/she would get to tour around the world with INXS as their new lead singer! way cool! imagine doing that.. thousands of people. moving to your every note. hearing your voice. listening to what you hafta say. being able to express yourself musically. writing/co-writing songs. creating melodies. the whole rockstar lifestyle.

damn. that's one gig i wouldn't mind having.

check out the site here.

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