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Friday, August 05, 2005

finally saw CHARLIE AND THE CHOCOLATE FACTORY last night. kitty and i had planned to watch this ages ago, and finally decided to go see it the first day. i texted bien and he wanted to also, as with jair. we met up at SM north and checked the screening times. we decided to go for the last full show because we din't make it in time for the screening before that. i decided to text gj if he'd like to come with us, because the movie starts at 9:40pm pa, and he gets off work at 9pm. he said he'd like to, so we proceeded to coffee experience to wait for him. (bien was such an ass. he actually believed the waiter who looked like jose was jose himself.) at 9:15 we decided to go get tickets. gj texted me, saying he'd meet us at the front of the theatre. he arrived a few minutes later, and off we went inside.

now, i din't know what to expect from the film; all i knew was that it was based on a book, it was made into a movie before, and now it's being remade by tim burton. a few minutes into the film, and all other thoughts vanished. i was assaulted by visuals so brilliant, so striking, so vivid. the setting, the lighting, even the characters make-up were different. the story itself, about a lonely kid who grew up to be succesful at a price, was pretty easy to follow. (it isn't actually brain surgery, but hey.) the pacing was great, and so was the cast. johnny depp is truly THE quintessential actor for eccentric roles. he essayed the part of willy wonka quite brilliantly. you would actually see how the events of his childhood are affecting him. the main boy character was played nicely too, (by a child actor whom i don't know) as with the other supporting characters. that fat boy was funny! (vister vonka! i LAFV your chocovlat! hahahahha) oh, and you should see dem oompa-lumpahs! hahaha. they were hella funny! plus, they were singin' and groovin' and shakin' and rockin'! they were cute, in a disturbing, mental-patient kinda way. the movie kinda had that "series of unfortunate events" feel, but i liked this one better. tim burton is a fucking genius. now i can't wait for "corpse bride". haha. very good film. go see IT, hotdammit! =]

P.S. say "willy wonka" in a slight british accent.. hahahahha! get it?!

no? pfft. lemme explain.

"willy" is slang for a male's thing, right? and "wonka" sounds suspiciously like "wanker", which is slang for someone who masturbates, right? so... "willy wanker" sounds pretty funny. i wonder if the original author ever noticed this little detail. hahahahahahhaa!

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    johnny depp's too good an actor!!

    willy wonka. who would've thought!??!

    And now my uber straight bob a la WILLY WONKA.
    I think that is my way of showing how much I lavvvvv him


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