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Thursday, July 07, 2005

saturday: remember what i told you about tuesday? well the inuman came sooner. we celebrated algene's birthday (june 30). christian was there, so was perry and gj. michael came too. collectively we downed 2 cases of san mig light. kel even upped his one bottle quota to 3! loads of fun, and serious talks as well. there's just no avoiding them when alcohol's present. =]

the bora fund started too. 500 pesos for every kinsenas. kel was the first one to donate. gj second. haha! bora... i can hardly wait. =]

sunday: tatay's birthday! we were supposed ta have lunch with relatives, who were coming to our house. i woke up around 10:30am, my head still spinning from algene's beerfest. i headed down to clear the mess we made and to my surprise, i couldn't find any (whether it was cleaned by nanay or my friends, we'll never know.) perry came down and we had an early lunch, after which he went home. i proceeded to my room and read harry potter until 1pm. i hurriedly took a bath and got into my badminton gear. ryan was a swell player, though a bit erratic. minnie was a sly one, and charlton was a hitter, no doubt.

i met up with perry at 7pm and we went to SM. we were supposed to buy chucks for him, but the style he wanted already ran out. haha. napilitan tuloy bumili ng shirt na lang. i myself got earrings. (sa wakas!)

monday: another boring day. jr and the bossess were leaving for hongkong, so they were buggin' everyone to hurry up with things they need for the trip.

end-of-day-shocker: i was handed a memo by nedok, our trusty and hardworking HR person. 2 day suspension without pay. hu-wat?! oh well. at least i'll get to finish my harry potter. see ya wednesday. =]

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