Saturday, July 02, 2005

my effin' head hurts. i had another bout with alcohol last night, with the officemates. it was supposed ta be a half-case affair only, which quickly turned into a gulpfest. we finished a case before switching to matador. bad idea. i was so drunk that by the time i got to monumento, i hadda puke. i quickly went to a corner beside the waiting jeepneys and let go. ugh. not a good feeling, ever. i dunno how in the world i was able to get home afterwards. jeez. now i'm in the office, my breath still smelling of liquor, head hurting and tummy grumbling.

tuesday daw ulit kami inom. =]

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  1. dude, hinay hinay sa paginom. i read thru ur posts, saw that one when she called you. well i cant blame u, i dont know d whole story but well u both have ur reasons. i just hope u guys will be able to talk it out and be at peace. oh well if u need to talk just holler. visit my blog some time. erlyn to but in the blogging world im known as aMgiNe. here's my site -


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