sound trippin'

Saturday, July 30, 2005

perry came by last night. he texted me during the afternoon, saying he wanted another "inuman night". being that i din't have anything better to do, i heartily agreed. he told me he'd go round up the others. at 9pm, he arrived soaking wet at my doorstep. poor bloke got caught in the rain. haha. i gave him a dry, clean shirt while he told me that gj and kel would be comin' later. haha. i was thinking round 2 of our previous "political" discussion. we stayed in the sala while we waited for the others. i popped an MP3 CD in our DVD player, and started browsing for songs to play. i had quite an extensive collection already; i download songs at the office almost everyday. i turned up the volume and tunes from the googoo dolls, vertical horizon, matchbox twenty and jack johnson filled the room. kel arrived a few hours later, so did gj. we decided to just stay in the sala and continue our sound trip. perry and i went out and bought half a case of san mig light while kel made coffee for himself. (he doesn't drink much. sometimes he doesn't drink AT ALL. wuss. haha.) we talked about funny stuff again, and kaye, my sis even joined in on our conversation. we were ribbing gj about the fact that he hasn't gotten around to reading half-blood prince yet, and he was absolutely LIVID when i casually mentioned snape killing dumbledore. y'all should have seen the look on his face! haha. the fun stopped a little before 2am. i cleaned up a little then dragged my tipsy ass up my bedroom. good friends, funny stories, great music and booze. a nice way to end the day.

p.s. and yeah, i came in late AGAIN, as expected. damn. i am so dead come cutoff time.

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