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Friday, July 29, 2005

haaay.. finished another lunchbreak here at the office. i'm really getting used to eating my lunch with little or no rice at all. i hafta keep it up though, lest i balloon once more to gigantic proportions (not that i'm skinny now, mind you.. haha).

i saw jaki's recent post about 5 songs that hold a certain significance to yourself.. i must say i wanted to try it out immediately; music has always been an important part of my existence. i am tempted to enumerate more than 5, but i hafta stick with the rules of the "game". besides, i found out a way to "sidestep" them, so to speak. and so, without further ado, here are my choices:

+++ NAME (GooGoo Dolls) +++
the guitar riffs, the vocals just scream emotion. granted, john reznik got a lotta flak for using open-string and drop-down chords, but hey, you can't please everyone. (besides, these are MY choices.) everytime i hear this song, i remember tata and baguio and the feeling i had when i was there. i was free, i was independent, and life was simple. (or so i thought, but that's a different story altogether.) i still think about those times and it still brings bittersweet memories, thankfully without the gut-wrenching, insanity-inducing feelings for her that i used to have.

related songs:

+++ PHILOSOPHY (Ben FoldsFive) +++
from the piano intro to the last note, this song is just catchy as hell. it's one of kitty's favorite songs, and that's why this holds a special meaning for me, she being the only girl who really loved me unconditionally. everytime i hear this song my mind conjures up images of her beautiful face, smiling and dancing around in that cute little way of hers. =]

related songs:
SOMEWHERE OVER THE RAINBOW (Israel Kamakawiwo'ole)

+++ CRASH INTO ME (Dave Mathhews Band) +++
what else can i say? this song is just AWESOME. i remember countless college tambay days when i hear this, being with ajo, kitty, lette, kab, river, rina, anna, paolo, carlo, bien, hector, nini, tatang and more.. hanging out at the UP fine arts, just kidding around, sharing stories about life and studies and everything else we could think of. playing pusoy dos at the canteen, or just singing along to carlo's guitar strumming at "the stairs", a short set of steps at the back of the fine arts building. OUR stairs. the stairs that are a part of the wonderful memories and images of my surreal, funny and eventful college life.

related songs:
FILL ME IN (Craig David)

+++ MORE TODAY THAN YESTERDAY (Goldfinger) +++
this song is spelled F-U-N! everytime i hear this song i just have this urge to jump up and scream at the top of my lungs! the ska vibe, the instruments, even the vocals! haha. it's my morning vitamin. i listen to it as soon as i wake up and my spirits are up the rest of the day. =]

related songs:
I'M SHAKIN' (Rooney)

+++ IF I AM (Nine Days) +++
this song is my "cure" for melancholy. the times where you're feeling sad about things but you don't really wanna be happy just yet, and you wanna WALLOW. somehow this song helps me bear the pain. call me crazy. you won't be the first anyways. =]

related songs:
THE REMEDY (Jason Mraz)

there ya go. my song choices. there are a lot more where that came from, but yeah. rules are rules lol.

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  1. cheater! hahahah! i think i'll try this schmurvey when i feel the need to snap out of my so-called hiatus.

    anyway, i gotta hand it to you La, we are so swamped with work, and *gasp* ENTRIES ALMOST EVERY SINGLE DAY!

    hahaha! later.. ;p


  2. my dear kabbie, that's what i like to call MULTITASKING. try it sometime. hahahahaha =]

  3. wanderlust junkieJuly 29, 2005 at 4:28 PM


    listen to Ben Fold Five's The Luckiest and you will want to add that in too. :-)

    *Sigh* kakatuwa namanang playlist mo --- represent ang iba't iabng relationships na dumaan sa buhay ko ah... weheheheh

  4. hahaha.. ganyan talaga lette. my life is music. =]

  5. hanep! stuck to the rules. ayos :D

  6. haha. shempre, rules are rules. but it don't mean i can't bend 'em a bit. hahahahaha!


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