Tuesday, July 19, 2005


Larry, the suman
Kel, the film enthusiast
Perry, the thirsty boy
Kab, the babysitter
Kitty, the trivia expert
GJ, the debate loser

dang it. we weren't able to watch cinemalaya. we got there around 8pm. kel said the film we are watching wasn't starting until 9:30. we decided to chill a bit in dencio's, which was nearby. we drank a bit, and laughed a bit. when we got to CCP, the lady at the counter told us the features were already sold out! pfft. i felt bad because i was late in meeting them. we could've gotten tickets if i had been early. kel said it was okay though. we found out later that they would be showing the films again at the UP film center a month from now. yay! we decided to go to baywalk and meet gj. the walk was fun.. sea breeze gently caressing our skin, the murmur of people enjoying the night.. it was surreal. gj was waiting for us when we got there, looking like a spoiled little rich girl who din't get any christmas presents. we decided to walk to malate and have coffee. it was a long walk, despite gj's claims that it was close; kab's foot was hurting, and i was starting ta sweat a bit. we finally settled on sidebar and had another round (well, 2 actually, but who's counting?) and nachos. we went home after that. =]

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