Baguio: A Photoset

Thursday, September 01, 2011

Tin and I got there around 6:30am last Saturday. Rain had been nonstop since 2am. We went to SM Baguio first to have lunch, then went straight to the hotel to get some sleep.

After going out to get some dinner and coffee, we decided to head back to the our place and spend the night indoors. We stayed at Blue Mountain Hotel. Cozy place.
The next day, we decided to have lunch at Sizzling Steak with Claren and Hil. After that, we stuffed our faces with delicious but cheap sanzrival.
We decided to take advantage of the brief absence of rain... we went for a walk.
We took pictures...
...and then we took some more.
It was Tin's first time in Baguio, so forgive the cliché.
It was quite foggy.
Rain started pouring again.
We tried to enjoy it though. I think we were successful.
Tin went and got the obligatory boat shot.
We took home Volante for dinner, then met up with Claren and Hil again later that night. We had a few beers at Nevada Square, in this place called Latino. Karaoke madness ensued.
We spent the next couple of days in our hotel room watching stupid documentaries and stupid movies, going out only to eat. And shop at SM Baguio lol. Lame, I know. Stupid rain.

Despite the inconvenience though, we both enjoyed out trip. That's what really matters, right?

Note to self: In the future, don't schedule out-of-town trips during the rainy season. Write that down.

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  1. Some of my best memories in Baguio was during the monsoon season hehe. Sucks to be stranded in the mountains when it's sembreak though haha. Which Volante did you go to? The one in SM or yung dun sa Session?

    Great pics. I especially like the one where you're walking near the ukay stalls along session tapos ang kapal ng fog.

  2. @Kat: We ate at Session! Naaliw pa nga ako kasi pwedeng mag-yosi sa loob, e parang kulob na kulob haha.

    Thanks for the compliment! Konti lang pics eh. Wala naman kasing pwedeng kuhanan sa hotel. Hassle talaga yung ulan na yun. :(

  3. nyahaha!!! balik na lang ulit kayo!!! kasi naman! tag.ulan eh...summer dapat! :D

  4. It was summer during the first time I went to Baguio. Gusto ko namang ma-try na umuulan. :D

  5. Awesome shots, seriously. Baguio can be romantic even when drenched in rain if you have time to kill and wander around the city. :)

  6. sayang u guys weren't able to come to our monthly sisig party at home :( Sooooo..when are u and Tin coming up again? hrhrhrhr


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