My Top 12 Hottest Women List

Friday, August 12, 2011

There's nothing more pleasing to my eyes than the sight of a beautiful and sexy woman. And pizza. Also bacon. Or pizza with bacon. With lots and lots of chees--- wait where was I? Oh yeah. Beautiful, sexy women. Right. Hard as it may be to believe,  I don't always look at hot women with the I-wanna-bang-her mentality. Sometimes it's all about clean, innocent appreciation too.

This is not one of those times.

That said, I thought I'd make a hottest women list. Why 12? Because WHY NOT. It's 2 numbers better than 10. That means 2 more pictures for you to gawk at, so shut up. Should you care about who I think is sexy? It's up to you. At the very least, you'd get to see pictures of 12 hot women. Isn't that enough reason for you to read my crap and waste 5 minutes of your time?

The countdown begins now.

She played the lead role in GMA-7's local adaptation of that Thalia soap Rosalinda. She has also starred in a number of movies, all of which I haven't seen.

Why she's number 12: I have a weakness for girls with innocent-looking faces and killer smiles.

A former Binibining Pilipinas-Universe, she is now with ABS-CBN doing comedy and hosting gigs. Also she was Juanita Banana.

Why she's number 11: Dude. Binibining Pilipinas-Universe.

I don't know much about her except for the fact that she is a model, and that she is that annoying girl in that roof sealant TVC that they show during Pacquiao fights, and that she joined Amazing Race Asia with Aubrey Miles.

Why she's number 10: Because Tin likes her and she threatened to neuter me if I don't include Jacq in this list I have an affinity for morena chinitas. Also there's something mesmerizing about her name. Jacq Yu. JACQ YU.

Tattoo artist, illustrator, freelance model, and lead singer of Turbo Goth. (Album out now!)

Why she's number 9: That voice. THOSE TATTOOS. She's an artist, and artists are sexy. 

She used to be a relatively unknown model for print and TV. That was before Pinoy Big Brother happened.

Why she's number 8: I don't usually go for skinny girls, but that face more than makes up for the lack of noticeable body mass.

She's a product of a talent search show on GMA, I can't remember which. Does it even matter?

Why she's number 7: If those mestiza features and fair skin don't move you, then you are made of stone, brova.

Actress, model, host, VJ. This girl can do it all. Well, almost. *cough*pleasestopsinging*cough*. She is also the current It Girl of product endorsements.

Why she's number 6: I'm running out of reasons. Just look at the picture, will ya?

Actress, model, endorser, yadda yadda. Yeah, I'm running out of descriptions as well. Besides, who doesn't know Angel Locsin?

Why she's number 5: I like girls with a little meat on them. No that wasn't a thinly-veiled sexual innuendo, you pervert.

I will forever refer to her as Eva Fonda. 

Why she's number 4: Creamy white skin and curves in all the right places.

The face that launched a thousand MySpace profiles. 

Why she's number 3: What do I like more than morena chinitas? fair-skinned chinitas, my friend. She's also got that wild streak that I find extremely interesting.

Actress, director, hos--- wait, you're still reading this crap?

Why she's number 2: Because AWESOME HIP-TO-WAIST RATIO.

Here we go. My choice for The Hottest Woman of 2011. If you've been following my inanities on Twitter and Tumblr, then you know how much I adore this woman.

Why she's number 1: She's a lot of things rolled into one attractive package.

Thank you for participating in this exercise of beauty appreciation. I hope I made it worth your while.

(I do not claim ownership of any of the photos I posted here. Photo credits to whoever, and yay for you!)

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  1. jacq yu! jacq mi! jacq be nimble! jacq be quick!

  2. Akala ko si tin yung number 1 D:

  3. @Anon: YOU'RE A JACQASS

    @Jori: Love your own, man. Hahaha

    @Madel: Hall of Fame na si Tin eh. :3

    @Marco: She's number 13. LOL?

  4. I feel compelled to take away whatever level of class you're maintaining here by saying OGC OGC OGC.

  5. I know my opinion does not count at all, but Sarah looks a bit old on that photo. And what is that lump of meat, just below the waist area? I've tried to examine the photo from that point of view. It doesn't seem like it's the clit, or is it?

    Anyway, fine choice of OGC-able women. Meaty woman is a fine woman.

  6. Great List Larry, Solenn deserves the top spot


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