The Lazy Reviewer on: True Blood Season 3, Episode 3

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

For three seasons I have followed you, and I have seen all kinds of sick, depraved shit I have never seen in my entire life (okay granted, I will never see all the stuff I saw watching you because you know, vampires aren't REAL but yeah, whatever.) I've seen people drink vampire blood and get high off it, I've seen people actually milk the vampire for their blood, I've seen weird rituals, people in trances doing orgies, that sorta thing.  I told myself that after all that, you couldn't possibly surprise me anymore.

And then, I saw season 3, episode 3. (Warning, spoilers ahead)

That last scene, where you had Bill TWIST Lorena's neck MID-COITUS, after which he continued to shag her like everything was fine and dandy, was so unexpected, so sick that it kinda left my mouth open a few minutes after the credits started rolling down.

What. THE. FUCK, True Blood?

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  1. hahaha shet. i havent one a single epi of season 3 yet. excited to watch na ako! :D

    wooohoo! wtg bill. punyetang lorena kasi yan.

  2. psychosomaticaddictinsane: I guess you could say she deserved it. But still. O_o


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